A part of the Morning Glory Fine Arts Series Milwaukee, Wisconsin. morninggloryfinecraftfair.com

Coffee break the his studio, Milwaukee, WI. Photo by Carrie Moscho.

Artist Statement

The pots I create are intended to bring artwork into daily living while enhancing the interactions between food, drink, people, and their community. As a craftsperson, I endeavor to create highly utilitarian wares for people to use, touch, see, and experience on a consistent basis.

My forms are loosely inspired by the natural world. Just like all oak trees are distinguished from any other species in the forest, each tree is also unique unto itself. I find beauty in the diversity that handcrafted works bring into our assembly-line culture.

The realm of function gives me parameters in which I can explore the purpose and utility of each form and how handmade ceramics augment everyday experiences. By considering how the forms are interacted with I strive to help the user get more satisfaction from commonplace occasions.

Food and drink sustain our bodies, but the camaraderie, empathy, and conviviality of good company sustains our souls.  Handcrafted utilitarian wares augment the nourishment of food and companionship at a meal or with drinks, and add a deeper layer of care and compassion. My pottery ventures to make not only the profound moments, but also the mundane actions of daily living, more artful, cherishable and fulfilling.


Andrew Linderman is a studio potter and former high school chemistry teacher originally from the Twin Cities and currently living and working in Milwaukee, WI. He makes functional pots to make the best moments in life better, to make the mundane moments more enjoyable, and to make the difficult moments more bearable. Linderman uses his background in chemistry to create glazes that are enhanced by the firing process in which he produces his pots. Recently, He has also explored how the wood-firing process affects the surfaces of his pots. He continually strives to create work in which the functionality of a piece is enhanced by its aesthetic and tactile qualities. Linderman graduated from Luther College (Decorah, IA) in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. He has learned his art and craft primarily from George Lowe during his undergraduate studies, S.C. Rolf post-graduation and wood firing from Simon Levin.. Linderman also teaches classes at Cream City Clay in Milwaukee, WI.

Linderman sells his work regionally from his home studio in Milwaukee, WI and here on this website. All pots are microwave and dishwasher safe.